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Cucumber Melon Mint

Cucumber Melon Mint

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Indulge your skin with Cucumber Melon Mint goat milk soap. Made with natural ingredients, this soap provides gentle cleansing and revitalizing hydration for a softer, smoother feel. Its refreshing scent features the comforting aroma of cucumber, melon, and mint, creating an aroma that is sure to boost your mood. Its cooling properties make it perfect for use on hot summer days or after a strenuous workout. Overall, this luxury soap is a luxurious and indulgent treat that is sure to elevate your bathing experience.

Fresh, cool and clean! Bursts of crisp cucumber and bright, fresh cut melon, with revitalizing mint. 
Top notes: Cucumber
Middle notes: Clean fresh mint
Base notes: Sweet Melon

Beef tallow, organic olive oil, organic non-gmo coconut oil, non-gmo avocado oil, castor oil, raw goat milk, fragrance, essential oil, natural mIca, Distilled water, sodium hydroxide.

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