About Products

About Handmade Items:

Please note that the images provided are for reference only. Our products are carefully handcrafted, and while we strive for consistency, exact duplication of batches is not guaranteed. As a result, variations such as coloring and pattern design may occur, and should be expected as part of the unique charm of handmade items.

*Important Notice Regarding Health Claims*

Please be advised that under FDA regulations, bath and body companies are not permitted to make any health-related claims regarding beauty products. As a result, nothing on this website or within any product description should be interpreted as a statement that the use of these products will have an effect on any pre-existing physical and/or mental health condition. The information provided in these product listings is solely related to the properties of the specific ingredients used, and nothing more.

Please note that if any skin irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

  • *Important Reminder**:
  • Before making a purchase, please review the ingredients carefully. If you are aware of any allergies to the listed ingredients, we advise against buying the product.