About me

Raquel, Skincare Artisan

 Hi there! I'm Raquel, affectionately known as 'the soap girl,' residing in a quaint rural town nestled in North Georgia. Motherhood takes precedence as I juggle between caring for my four beautiful children and a charming flock of ducks and chickens.

As a skilled cosmetologist, I'm dedicated to holistic skincare, crafting handmade cold process soaps for over 2 years. My journey began with the heartfelt intention of soothing my children's eczema and sensitive skin. Each ingredient, from locally sourced tallow, raw goat's milk, to raw honey and beeswax, is meticulously selected and thoughtfully formulated for gentle, sensitive skin.

Crafting soap has become a family affair, with my kids actively involved, from visiting the farms where our tallow originates to assisting in rendering and designing and packaging our soaps. Witnessing the joy our artistry brings to our customers, especially those dealing with eczema, psoriasis, or sensitive skin, is immensely gratifying.

Holistic skincare is our ethos, advocating for products free from toxic chemicals, tailored for delicate skin. Looking ahead, my aspirations remain simple yet profound: to continue creating special products, nurturing the environment with unwavering respect, and providing high-quality solutions with integrity and innovation.

Art is freedom;my expression of love and beauty.